Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are 100% free diagnostic. No charge no repair. Unlike other computer stores, who charge $30 – $50 for the diagnostic fee up-front. We don’t charge anything to diagnose whatever problem your computer has. After the diagnostic, we will call and discuss the issue your computer has and provide the price quote.

Also, we will give you the option of fixing it. We'll help you decide whether a repair is worth it. There is no obligation.
Our normal turn-around time is usually 4-5 working days. If you need it faster, please request RUSH service (additional fee applied) and we can always get the job done asap. Normally, it can be done same-day or within 24 hours.
We provide an after-hours on-call service. This is rotated between our Technical support team. If your problem occurs after hours, you may call or email our support email and the on-call technician will call you as soon as possible. It is important you are aware that we have after-hours rates and these may vary depending on your support agreement with us.

This would be discussed with you during your initial phone call to make sure you are aware if there is any additional cost. You can check our support service policy here.
IT by 3Metas provide a range of products and services for both home and business users. Pricing can be varied dependant on your requirements, but we have a price list for some of the common services we provide. IT by 3Metas standard hourly rate is U$45.00 per hour. You can check our payment policy and price list here.
What make our company different from the others?
You will find that we are different from other similar firms:

• We are an exceptional IT firm with exceptional employees.
• We understand that knowing the “basics” is a requirement for client satisfaction. We do not need a better process, we need the one we have to work-all the time, every time.
• We have superior working relationships with our clients and act as their trusted advisers on all things technology related.
• We have a “recipe” for the standardization of a client computer network, that when followed, guarantees a problem free network.
• We work on the continuous alignment of our standards with your network.
• Knowledgeable IT staff with the desire to help you and your staff.
• We think like business people, not IT technicians. We'll bring business value, as well as IT value, to your company.
• We focus on the security of your network in order to prevent data breaches.
• We deliver what we promise; then we deliver more.
• We make decisions based on YOUR needs, not ours.
• Our company has been in the IT business for 9 years; our Founder for 30 years.
Why would I want to pay a monthly fee?
• The “Break-Fix” (pay-as-you-go) model is when an organization calls an IT service provider to fix a single problem. The provider usually goes onsite, and repairs the issue, then sends a bill. This model rewards IT companies when things break.
• One of the issues with this type of arrangement is that there is no incentive to fix any problem but the one the technician has been called in to fix.
• Today’s computer networks need regular “care and feeding” to catch and correct problems when they are small and easy to handle.
• Managed Services reward both the client and the IT service provider for UPTIME! It is in the best interest of both companies to maintain a strong and healthy network.
What information should I provide when I call with a technical problem?
Troubleshooting and prioritizing a problem is much easier and faster when our clients provide as much information as possible about the problem they are experiencing. There are a few standard items we will always require.

• Describe the problem to the best of your knowledge.
• What was the user doing when the problem occurred?
• Who is experiencing the problem? Knowing who and how many users a problem is affecting will determine the extent of the problem.
• Did anyone change any settings recently?
• Did anyone install any new applications?
• What devices are experiencing the problem? The name of the device always helps us to identify the equipment we need to investigate. Sometimes the name of the computer or device is located on the device for easy identification.
• How long has the problem been happening?
What if our problem is urgent?
All problems raised with our support desk are prioritized based on the problem category. If your problem is considered a Priority 1 it is immediately raised to the top of our queue. If all our Technical support officers are unavailable, the lowest priority request will be placed on hold and the Priority 1 items will be taken care of first. Our priorities are determined with the following criteria.

Critical: Loss of a significant component of service/s with significant business impact.
High: Loss of service component affecting user/s with a detrimental impact.
Medium: Infrequent failures of a system, network of application.
Minor: Non-critical or scheduled work.

You can check our support service policy here.
We are not a client of yours yet, what happens when we call you for the first time?
When any new clients call to discuss coming on-board with us we always like to get to know you and tour business first. This is important for us to understand what you do and the intricacies of your business. We understand every business is different so we like to meet with you to discuss the following:

• Current issues you are experiencing. What problems you are currently having with your computer system and your support provider.
• What technical needs you currently have? Is there anything you need to achieve immediately?
• What you would like or want in your computer system. Is there is anything that you would like your computer system to have or do, however it is not critical.
• What your business plans and goals are. We ask this question as it is important to ensure your computer systems are aligned with your business plans and goals.
• What your expectations are of your IT support provider. This ensures our business structure and process is in alignment with your expectations and enables us both to have a clear understanding of what is expected of each other and if we can successfully work together.

As a rule, after we’ve discussed these and have a good understanding of your business, we then ask to perform an audit of your entire computer system infrastructure. This helps us with developing a support package, technical solution and any proposals to better your system as per your requirements.

After the audit we will return to our office and put a suitable package together with any proposals and arrange to meet again to go through them in detail.

If after you have considered our proposal and wish to go ahead we can quickly bring you on-board with our team and began delivering any proposed services.
We have IT employees. What can you do for us?
• No problem. Many of our commercial clients have an existing IT staff. If you already have IT employees, we will work with them to relieve their daily responsibilities so they can focus on larger projects. This allows your existing IT staff to work more efficiently, saving your business time and money.
• We offer customized IT plans based on your technology needs. Our plans range from 100 percent coverage to simple network monitoring and antivirus protection.
• We are able to automate tedious tasks that take up much of your IT’s time and can allow your IT to focus on bigger picture issues.
• You pick the plan, based on what you need and your budget.

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