Microsoft Office 365

Licensed distributor

This is the best investment for your company because its benefits like: Microsoft Hosting, no VPN required, means you can connect from anywhere. It properly syncs mobile devices with your calendar and contacts. Also provides Microsoft Office for your mobile devices, it offers a larger mailbox storage (25GB), new security policies, and more!Read more about packages and pricing.


Backup & storage

We can keep your information secure if you make sure your data is up-to-date with our backup installation services. Believe us! You don’t want to lose your information when the computer crash or just something happen from nowhere. We will help you choose the best back-up and storage system for your personal or corporate needs. We offer a variety of databases software to fit what you need. Call us for more information or ask for a free consultation.

Data security

Fortinet Security Firewall

We provide security software to our clients through our partners Fortinet Inc. who delivers High Performance Network Security Solutions to protect our client’s network, users and data. We help you optimize control over data to bring together stand-alone products, new technologies and pursue business opportunities. Read more!

Operating systems

Set up & installation

We offer installation, configuration, and updating your operating system of Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. We guarantee your computer gets the most updated version of any of those and the most recent applications. We make sure all your data is safely backed up before any re-installation. Call us for more information or ask for a free consultation.