Payment Terms – How do I pay?

Full payment is due upon completion of the work agreed if no other agreement is stated on the statement of work. We accept payments by cash, check, credit card or bank transfer. A full receipt will be given in return for payment.

Pricing Policy – What are the rates?

Our hourly rate is U$45 per hour, and a 1 (one) hour minimum charge applies. However, we do not charge for travelling time to and from your home or office.

Free Remote Diagnostic

Why not take advantage of our Free Remote Diagnostic on any (PC) desktop computer or any laptop computer, before you commit to any service or repair work? You won’t need to spend anything to find out what’s wrong with your computer. We will confirm prices with you before we go any further. Our free diagnostic means that you are not risking anything.

No Fix – No Fee

We offer a strict NO FIX – NO FEE policy. In the unlikely event we cannot repair your desktop PC or laptop computer, you will not be charged anything! We can collect and redeliver within the local area of Broward, Florida. We aim to have your machine back in good working order in no time.

Remote Support Rates

IT by 3Metas remote support service allows our expert technicians to remotely access your PC to help you fix problems, configure email accounts, help you with software applications, install printers, and lots more. We charge U$45.00 per hour, but most tasks are completed within an hour. If we believe it’s going to take over an hour we will tell you prior to starting the repairs and you'll have the option of canceling the repair, if that's what you want, with no charge.

Pricing Guide

IT by 3Metas’s rates are very competitive and you can have peace of mind that we are fully insured for any damage caused by our technicians whilst carrying out any work, however unlikely it is to occur.
We are keen to provide total customer satisfaction and we will always rectify any work that hasn’t been carried out to your complete 100% satisfaction.

Our rates, as detailed in the table below, are a guide and are therefore subject to change. However, we will make every effort to ensure that they are kept up to date. Please contact us to confirm our current prices.

Service (including pick up and return or fix on site) Price guide (Florida)
Support task (any) up to 1 hour U$45.00
RAM/Memory upgrade U$35.00 (not included RAM)
Virus removal (low infection on a fast PC) U$45.00
Virus Removal (high infection on a slow PC) U$75.00
Hard drive replacement (with basic windows installation, no data to recover and no computer to set back up) U$75.00 (This service does not include a new hard drive – please ask for a price for the hardware. Price will vary depending on the size and type required for the upgrade)
Hard drive Upgrade (clone) (This will take an exact copy of current Windows system installation, including your files and any installed software) U$75.00 (This service does not include a new hard drive – please ask for a price for the hardware. Price will vary depending on the size and type required for the upgrade)
Basic Windows installation (No data to backup or recover. Windows & drivers only) U$75.00 (Does not include Windows license, setting up printers, broadband, emails etc.)
Full Windows installation (Backup and restore user data, latest windows updates, temporary free anti virus, latest drivers, office) U$75.00 (Add U$25.00 for set up of broadband, printer, anti virus, email. Does not include Windows license)
Data Recovery (File Recovery) U$45.00 (Logical damage – typically ranges from U$45 to U$190 depending on the size and complexity of the case)
Each hour on site (Broadband configurations, printers, wireless etc) U$45.00
Basic training – per hour (Basic computer usage, such as eBay, safe browsing, office applications, Windows, etc.) U$45.00

Please feel free to call us or contact us through the web site if you are unsure about any of current prices.