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October 21, 2019
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Why use Software as a Service (SaaS)?

The software as a service (SaaS) or cloud provides a complete software solution. Gartner defines SaaS as a “software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. The provider delivers software based on one set of common code and data definitions that are consumed in a one-to-many by all contracted customers at any time on a pay for uses basis or as a subscription based on use metrics“.  According to some research, we present some facts about why SaaS could benefit your sales.

SaaS is a procedure of software that allows being accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. SaaS takes away the need for organizations to install and run applications on their own computers or in their data centers. It means that this removes the expense of hardware acquisition, arrangement, and maintenance. SaaS gives companies an alternative. Companies can plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet.

The advantages of using SaaS are:

  • Available for any computer or any device at any time. Most people are so familiar using the internet to look what they want or need, that SaaS is just perfect for it. Includes checking customer order histories prior to a sales call, as well as having access to real-time data and real-time order taking with the customer.
  • Easy to use. It already comes with best practices and samples inside.
  • Pay for what you need, without having to buy hardware to host your new applications. The vendor provides APIs and performs much of the work to get the software working for you.
  • The software application is already installed and configured. Users can provision the server for the cloud and quickly have the application ready for use. This time the user doesn’t pay for the software itself, this one is like a rental. They have the permission to use it for a period of time and pay for the software that they are using.
  • The upgrade solutions become available for their customers. These upgrades happen more frequently and therefore incrementally than on-premises solutions. Costs and effort accomplices with upgrades and new releases are lower than the traditional model.
  • SaaS apps tend to have lower learning curves and higher adoption rates. No one wants to invest a lot of money in custom developed software or off-the-shelf software that users don´t care to adopt.

SaaS is popular because simplifies deployment and reduces customer acquisition costs. The developers can support many customers with a single version of a product. This access allows companies to scale as fast and as much as needed without replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.


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