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November 25, 2019

How to increase the lifespan of a computer

Most of the time when people get a computer, always make sure is a good machine to support all process they need, especially because the lifespan of a computer and the upgrade the system of the desktop computer every time is needed. Actually how long is the lifespan of a computer? It really depends on how long you have had the machine and what kind of machine you originally purchased.

The average lifespan of a computer it could be never sooner than 4 years old if it is a cheap machine will have a good run at least 5 years. Therefore, this is determined by how much you use the machine and how much you push it.

There are some important factors you need to look at it:

  • Hard drive space. Hard disk drive or called HDD. Designed with moving parts that can be damaged by sudden movements, heat and time. After years the HDD starts to slow down, but before it would last 5 years as the minimum.
  • Operating System. Ensure the hardware in the system is going to be compatible with the future software. Make sure you will be able to install the newer operating system on the market.
  • Memory RAM. This one could last actually longer than the computer, the memory uses to give a good performance in the machine. The computer depends on this to work with more information at the same time. The amount of your memory will depend on the use you give to the computer. The purpose you have with the computer will determine the memory you need.
  • Upgrade slots. Make sure you can add new capabilities to the computer for future upgrades.

Most of all, the computer must be located in a cool place with good conditions to avoid dust, dirt, hairballs, and bugs. However, we recommend a deep clean up inside the computer with compressed air every 6 to 12 months. Every electronics attracts so much dust like a magnet, even more with pets around. It will get worse if you don’t maintain the internal fans clean to work properly. Don’t enclose the tower completely. Remember that the overheating could affect the lifespan of the processor, motherboard, power supply and other components.

It is advisable to remove the RAM and blow out the dust, also at the USB port and others ports. Sometimes you can find surprises inside like “dead insects”. Never let this happens, try to keep the machine in a fresh place. Don’t eat or drink over the computer. Keep the machine away from the window because the breeze cause dust faster, the sun can overheat it and also if it rains increase the possibilities for the machine gets wet.

Protect the computer from any malware and virus that can cause damage to the computer inside. Get a good security suite to combat with intrusions and run the protection of the machine properly.

Reach the maximum lifespan from a desktop hardware is possible with a good take care. If you need help with your computer, we offer our services to help you out!