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Microsoft Office 365: Why Your Business Needs It

Office 365 is a great tool to help your business grow and manage your data. Learn about why an Office 365 subscription is the best way to handle all your applications.

It’s cost effective

Back in 2013, Microsoft’s introduction of a subscription to the Office package changed the game for a lot of consumers. What does this subscription service mean? For a long-time user of Microsoft Office it means you won’t have to pay an upfront fee to buy the software one time. Instead, you’ll pay a monthly fee for all the Office products including OneDrive. The big benefit of this subscription system is that the programs will update automatically, you won’t have to keep buying the software when a latest version comes out. This makes it a lot more cost-effective than previous Office products.

The Business Premium Plan includes all of the Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as other services such as Microsoft Exchange and 1 TB of OneDrive storage for businesses for about $12.50 per user/per month. Compare that buying the Business Package for about $400 up front. The economic advantages are clear.

It has great features

Probably the best feature that Office 365 is unlimited storage in OneDrive, Microsoft’s Cloud service. Cloud storage is a must have for any home and office, and Microsoft’s One Drive is a fantastic service if you’re in need of an upgrade. Microsoft initially offered an option for subscribers to have 1 TB storage, but eventually offered unlimited storage. Essentially you’re getting unlimited storage for the same price as 1 TB.

In addition to OneDrive, Office now lets you access your work from any device, any time. Since Office is now Cloud based, that means you can view your work from your phone, tablet of laptop. Your employees can work from anywhere, not just your office! It’s a great feature that will definitely benefit a lot of users.

Perks and benefits

Aside from all the benefits already mentioned, the Office subscription allows the software to grow with your business. As your business needs change, you can just add additional services to your subscription. So you won’t find yourself worrying about buying the next upgraded version or buying an entirely different product, all you have to do is request more services and pay an additional amount every month.

If you feel like your business doesn’t have the right tools for managing and storing data, now is the time to look into signing up for an Office 365 subscription. If you’re still hesitant, many licensed distributors (like 3Metas) can set up consultations and talk about the different package options.

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